Phuket; It’s Not That Far From Laos – Available 7/26/17

A 4 ½ hour flight separates Phuket from Laos, which is an hour shorter than the flight from Michigan to Portland, Oregon where the folks from Gigantic Brewing reside.  That is why a meeting in a Hawai’i led to the collaboration and creation of this hoppy, lime saison.

That makes sense, right?

After their meeting in Hawai’i, Ron headed out to Portland last summer where the collaboration took flight, a recipe was concocted and a beer was brewed. That beer, Gigantic’s side of the collaboration is still resting in oak. When Ron returned to Dexter, the plan was to brew the same recipe with the Jolly Pumpkin funk, a hoppy saison with lime and pear as well as jasmine rice and palm sugar.  

And so, Phuket; It’s Not That Far From Laos was born! Jasmine rice and palm sugar were incorporated in the mash along with pilsner and aromatic malt for a light, crisp and dry mouthfeel. Staying true to our Michigan roots Cascade and Chinook hops from Churchkey Farms were used for bitterness and their resinous character. We also included Jarrylo hops which provide flavors of pear and orange that meld well with our house culture and the lime peel. A nice citrus kick.  Three batches were brewed for a total of 160 barrels and fermented in our steel, open fermentation vessels with our house yeast. They then were transferred to 2 oak foeders where they rested for 10 months.

But sometimes brewing, like life, doesn’t work out as planned.

The plan was to ferment pear juice to be added to the beer while in oak.  However, the pear juice did not take to champagne yeast we pitched into it. And so, as a wise, paddle boarding, taco munching man once said, “If it tastes bad, DUMP IT!”, which we did. 

Despite the lack of pear juice in our version of Phuket; the beer was still tasting great. We blended the beer from both foeders together as it was transfer to our packaging tanks where we allowed the beer to sit for a couple days to settle before bottling.

The Brewing Gods again had different plans. They said the beer was too delicious to have 160 barrels worth and demanded a sacrifice. 

And so, what was 160 barrels worth of tasty, hoppy sour goodness become 100. We said Phuket; It’s Not That Far From Laos.

Phuket; It’s Not That Far From Laos is 6.0% ABV and will be available in 750ml bottles as well as on draft at all Jolly Pumpkin locations beginning the week of July 24th. From there Phuket; It’s Not That Far From Laos will make its way throughout the nation wherever fine Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales are sold.