Return of a Classic and the Continuation of a Collaboration Series!

Here at Jolly Pumpkin we listen to the beer and wait for it to tell us when it is ready to leave the foeder forest and venture forth. We can’t force the beer to go out into the cold, scary world until it is fully matured and ready. We try our best to give each beer its own turn in the spotlight, but sometimes after being so close to each other for so long a beer needs a friend to make the long and dangerous journey from the brewery to the glass. Such was the case for releases this week: our newest creation, Forgotten Tales of the Last Gypsy Blender Series II, Volume I and an old favorite, Clementina. Both decided that to leave the brewery they needed to leave together. We can’t blame them; they look great next to one another.

Forgotten Tales of the Last Gypsy Blender Series II, Volume I

These blends are the continuation of our Last Gypsy Blender Series which are collaborations with Chef Celina Tio. Inspired by Chef Tio’s love for all things bourbon, this beer is our weird amalgamation of beer and whiskey sours. Forgotten Tales of the Last Gypsy Blender Series II, Volume I incorporates grains of beech and cherry smoked malts, 3 different hops, preserved lemons, lime peel, bourbon smoked sugar and Kiawe smoked sea salt. Three batches of separate sizes were brewed and placed in our oak foeders for eight, thirteen, and fifteen months. Even though they were blended together before packaging, the blend resulted in one beer with two distinct personalities. Try Batch A, mainly in bottles, for a smokier delight. Batch B & C for more lemony goodness.



Clementina is a bright and highly effervescent oak aged golden saison that was last released in February 2017. We knew it would run out quickly so a month before it’s last release we had another batch in the works. The current iteration was brewed with yuzu and lime peel, pink Himalayan salt, coriander and clementine juice, then aged in oak for 7 months. Citrus and bready wheat in the aroma, tart and refreshing with notes of citrus in the finish. This delightful elixir clocks in at the highly quaffable ABV of 5.5% and will be available in both 750ml bottles and on draft throughout the entire Jolly Pumpkin network for the first time.