World Water Day

Water is a vital part to every aspect of life! Nature and all its resources need to be respected, protected, and thought about with every decision we make. Without water where would we be?

This past year we have invested big in a mini water treatment station here at our brewery. The Ecovolt Mini is equipment all built into a shipping container that removes and reduces the amount of Organic pollution being sent to the city. Brewery processes are very water intensive and the volume/strength going to the city was beyond our permitted levels.


It works by using a dual stage Aerobic/Anaerobic Biological digester. Living microbes are used to reduce the levels of COD (chemical oxygen demand). It’s a lot like a sourdough starter, but it needs to be fed new wastewater constantly as a food source. The end product is a “grey” water that’s only a couple steps away from being potable, and well within our permitted discharge levels to the city. Concentrated solids are removed in the form of a sludge.

It is beneficial because breweries can be extremely water intensive; this equipment will allow us to grow as a company without putting stress on our communities’ water treatment resources.  In the future we believe we will see more regulations on water discharge to the cities, and on-site water treatment will become increasingly needed / required.

A typical day usually starts with a couple volume measurements to track how much we have processed in the last 24 hours, this helps us project and adjust our processing to match the influent flow to the equipment. Then we take samples from various stages of the operation, these help us track the health of the system at various checkpoints. We can look at how efficiently the equipment is processing the water and throttle our output to match our projections. The idea is to build up over the week a volume of brewery water large enough that we can continue to process that water over the weekend even though brewery production only happens during the week.

In the future we could get closer and closer to a zero-waste stream production facility. If we chose to treat our water with only a couple more pieces of equipment we could use that treated water for brewing.  The water processed through our Ecovolt is only production water waste, which means there is zero human waste involved in the treatment we do.

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